Everywhere you go, you make new friends. There is nothing like spending time together, share nice moments of life and having common interests that helps friendship, but real friends, they say, are only the ones that show up in the difficult moments.

Friends are an asset of my life, as wife, family and work, and if a friend is real you have it for your whole life.

With Paolo, Miky and Giuli I was practically born, then there are the friends of university, Ale, Enrico, Enea, and the friends of Newport Beach, with which I spend most of my (little) spare time now ...

A special page for the friends who come and see me, I have very comfortable inflatable mattresses for you guys ....come on!

A special page for the friends that don't come to see me ... (advice: with 56K it may take a while, but it's worth!!!)

Do you like parties? check it out