Spšetzle (with Spinach)!

4 eggs
400g flour
250ml milk
1 big bag of fresh spinach
1+ teaspoon of nutmeg


Use a very large pot with lid. Using the steam basket add 1 inch of water, the basket and then the spinaches. Close the lid and bring to boil for 10-15min
Transfer spinach in the big oxo white bowl and with the hand blender blend the spinaches. Wash immediately the blender so itís easy to clean.
In same bowl of spinaches add flour, eggs and nutmeg
With the electric whisker start mixing the batter adding little by little the milk till itís a smooth batter. If you need little more or less milk adjust the dose
Fill the first big pot with more water ( you keep the original water where you steamed the spinaches) and bring it to boil. Add good dose of salt ( you didnít use salt in the batter, so water must be salted)
Once boiling use a ladle ( mestolo) and put one or two in the spaetzle tool and break the spaetzles. Once they looked cooked strain them with the hand strainer and put them in the pan
Keep doing spaetzles till the end of batter, but by 2 ladles at a time otherwise they stick in the water and donít come out nice

Good condiments
butter onions and mushrooms, you can also add some cream when all cooked
Butter garlic and sage