-potatoes (large pot full)
-ground nutmeg
-2 eggs
-lemon zest

1) boil large pot full of potatoes
2) once boiling, put on medium/high heat for 20 min
3) check for softness of potatoes with fork
4) smash potatoes while warm with metal clamp and remove skin
5) spread evenly on cooking mat and let cool
6) add 1-2 eggs, desired amount of flour, and sprinkle ground nutmeg/one lemon's zest
7) mix together into large ball of dough, not too floury and not too sticky
8) take off chunks of dough and roll out into thin rolls
9) cut up rolls of dough into bite size bits
10) if needed, shape better with fork
11) boil, strain them once they rise to the top, little amounts at a time