Pasta al pesto!

1 box of Trader Joe’s basil
1 full spoon of pine nuts ( TJ or Costco)
1/2 teaspoon salt
~80g of parmigiano ( Costco or TJ) NO PARMESAN!!!!
Olive oil as needed, I normally use a lighter olive oil not the extra virgin

Wash and drain basil
First grate parmigiano in a electric mixer
Then add all ingredients and enough oil and start mixing so you get a smooth sauce
If needed add more oil
Once you use it you add 1-2 spoon of pasta boiled water ( rich of amid) to dilute it so it mixes well with the pasta
If you like garlic the original recipe calls for it
In that case I suggest 1 clove, you halve it and remove the core that is bitter and then
you can either mix it with all the ingredients or you can add it to the sauce
as 2 halves and then remove it once you use it in your pasta