Risotto giallo!


2 cups of rice

4 cups of water (double the amount of rice)

1/4 diced onion

1 packet of zafferanno (bottom right in spice cabinet)

2 full teaspoons of bouillon (in fridge)

3 slices of Monterey cheese

1 cup of wine

  1. Boil 4 cups of water in small pot

  2. add two tablespoons of bouillon

  3. in another pan, heat oil and add 1/4 diced onion

  4. after onion cooks, add rice to "toast" for about 1 minute

  5. add 1 cup of white wine

  6. after wine is absorbed, slowly add some broth to the rice until it is almost completely covered

  7. add broth in intervals of about 3 minutes, or until it's absorbed into the rice

  8. mescolare in senso orario (senno' il riso si incazza)

  9. the rice should be done in 10-15 minutes prior to adding first interval of broth

  10. on last interval of broth, carefully add 1 packet of zafferanno

  11. taste broth and rice, and add salt if necessary

  12. if rice is not cooked enough, boil water in kettle, and add it to rice

  13. add Monterey cheese, and serve with shredded parmesan