Tagliatelle al Ragu'

1 lemon's zest grated
4 eggs
400 g flour

1) grate lemon, add flour and eggs into thermo mix
2) mix for 20 seconds on level 5 and 30 seconds on spiga
4) attach machine to table with a placemat underneath
5) starting with small chunks run through machine on largest setting. At the beginning run
through same levela couple of times, folding in half each time until you get smooth rectangles
6) hang up each sheet after running through on smallest setting
7) add flour if any of the sheets start sticking together
8) add attachment to slice the sheets, and run through and hang up tagliatelle



1/2 onion
2 carrots
1 packet of ground beef
1/2 cup red wine
bay leaf
1 can of tomato saucce

1) chop and fine dice vegetables
2) brown the beef and break it up into small pieces
3) add red wine, salt, and pepper
4) after wine evaporated, add vegetables
5) add can of tomato sauce and pinch of salt and sugar with it
6) cook on low heat for 1.5 hours covered. (or use pressure cooker)